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Our Coffee Bags

Our award-winning Bean Blend is available in the form of Coffee Bags (as well as whole beans, ground coffee, and pods).

Brew like a cup of tea and get a quick, easy, fuss free cup of delicious speciality coffee.

Contains 10 coffee bags
90g (10x9g)


1. Place one coffee bag in your mug.

2. Add freshly boiled water.

3. Brew for 3 mins, stir every 30 secs.

4. Squeeze, remove, enjoy!

5. Recycle - sachet and coffee bag are suitable for industrial composting through authorised waste collection scheme (just check your local collection through your council's website).

Award Winning Blend

Tried and tested, this blend of 3 specialty coffees complementing each other well is a favourite in all our coffee shops and beyond. This coffee is a crowd pleaser, ideal for brewing your way, with or without milk.

Our Bean Blend, recognised with a 2-star Great Taste award, is a testament to the effort that goes in to growing, harvesting, and processing speciality coffees at origin and the refinement of our roasting process, roasting on our state the art Loring smart roaster.

Flavour Profile

Our current blend consists of:

🇧🇷 50% Brazil Dbarbosa, Natural

🇳🇮 25% Nicaragua San Juan Del Rio Coco, Washed

🇮🇳 25% India Honametti single estate, Washed

We do our best to stick with the same origins for our blend to ensure the same flavour profile, but this can change due to the ever-changing seasons at origin.

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