Our Roastery

We've been brewing coffee since 2008 and took a significant step by establishing our own roastery within the historic Brunswick Dock, a location that continues to be the heart of our operations to this day.

Our mission is to provide you with an extraordinary coffee experience, and we firmly believe that our vacuum-roasted coffee achieves this goal.

Bean Coffee Roasters

Our Coffee

Our coffee is sourced with care and roasted with precision to ensure our customers get the best we can provide. You can read all about our coffee origins, the where and how we source our coffee, and the brilliant relationships we have with our farmers.  

Our Unique Process

We take immense pride in roasting our coffee on a smaller scale and are over the moon to have won Best Coffee Roaster in the North of England in 2022.

By roasting in small batches, we can pay meticulous attention to each bean's development, resulting in a more refined and nuanced flavour profile.

Our coffee is roasted in a vacuum environment (on a Loring smart
roast), which differs significantly from traditional roasting methods. We believe Loring manufactures the best coffee roasters in the world and helps us get the best out of the beans, as well as having great environmental benefits.

We also prioritise sustainability in our sourcing and production practices, so you can feel good about the coffee you serve!

Join us in creating memorable coffee experiences for your customers. Contact us today to discuss your wholesale coffee needs.

Optimal Flavour

The vacuum roasting process involves roasting the beans in a controlled, oxygen-free environment. This unique method has several benefits, one of which is the preservation of the coffee's inherent flavours and aromas. By roasting in a vacuum, the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) during the
degassing phase is more gradual and consistent, creating a different degassing rate compared to conventional roasting.

Due to this specialised process, our coffee requires a longer degassing period to achieve its optimal flavour. While freshly roasted coffee from traditional roasting methods may exhibit its peak flavours sooner, our vacuum-roasted coffee reaches its full potential after a slightly extended period of degassing. We have found that the ideal time to enjoy our vacuum-roasted coffee is typically around 21 days after the roast date.

During the degassing period, CO2 is released from the beans at a controlled pace, allowing the flavours to mature and harmonise. This ensures that when you brew our coffee at its prime, you'll experience the richness and complexity we strive to deliver in each cup.

We believe that this approach to roasting, although unconventional, results in a truly exceptional coffee experience. The extra time invested in the degassing process rewards you with a flavour profile that is unparalleled in its depth and balance.

Wholesale Coffee

Our wholesale support comes in the form of staff training, audits, equipment, servicing & maintenance, and supplying our award-winning coffee, of course!

Find Your Perfect Blend

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