Buy Coffee

Here at Bean, sustainability is very important to us.

We take care to ensure we’re always choosing the most eco-friendly options available and we’re constantly looking at ways we can improve. Our takeaway coffee cups are 100% compostable, we wrap our sandwiches in paper instead of plastic, and we use paper straws in all of our stores.

We roast our beans close to our stores which reduces the amount of coffee miles and we transport the coffee beans in reusable buckets. We have a coffee shop at Everton FC’s head office that we’re pleased to say we’ve nearly eliminated all plastic from.

 And we want you to be part of this journey! Every minute 1 million takeaway coffee cups are used and discarded around the world, each taking around 30 years to decompose fully. With the long term implications of single use plastic becoming more recognised throughout society, small steps taken to cut down on usage can end up having a massive impact.

In the last year we’ve increased the discount to customers who bring in their own cups from 10p to 50p and our dream is that this year we will save over 100,000 cups from being used (last year we saved 10,000 which we were thrilled about so we’ve set ourselves a bigger target!)

We also stock a range of reusable cups within our stores for those customer who want to join us in our mission (but all cups are welcome – we love to see the different styles and colours you use).

We’ll be updating the ongoing changes we make across Bean and we’d love to know the efforts you’re making also, it doesn’t have to be coffee related – although that is our favourite! – whether you’re using tote bags for your shopping, ditching the car for short journeys, or opting for sustainable fabrics for your clothing, all small actions add up and together we can make a difference.