Clever Dripper

These wonderful contraptions offer the best of both worlds when it comes to coffee brewing. They are quite similar to pour over coffee brewers, however, they offer an immersion style of coffee brewing with thanks to the stop tap at the bottom of the dripper

Our fool-proof guide to brewing with the Clever Dripper.

A favourite of our Managing Director, Jon, here is the recipe he uses below!

What you need

• 20g medium ground coffee

• 300ml water94C water

Filtropa No4

How it's done

1. Wet your filter paper.

2. Add 20g of medium ground coffee into the brewer

3. Add 300ml of water

4. Give it a stir to break up any crust formed on the top

5. Pop the lid on and wait 2 minutes

6. After 2 minute give it another stir

7. Put the dripper on top of your decanter or cup to release the valve, the coffee will start to drip through

8. Enjoy!

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