The Chemex is a classic and timeless brewer made out of non-porous borosilicate glass, which doesn’t absorb odours and can be easily cleaned. In addition to the glass, the thicker paper of the Chemex filters remove any chance of fines getting through, also absorbing most of the coffee oils leading to a ‘cleaner’ cup.

The below brewing method is our go-to classic recipe for when we are making a bigger batch to share round the roastery.

What you need

• 6-8 cup Chemex

• Chemex filter (square or circle – we tend to use folded squares)

• 32g of medium-coarse coffee

• 500ml water

• 92C water

How it's done

1. Wet your filter paper

2. Add 32g of medium-coarse ground coffee into the brewer

3. Zero your scales and start the time as you pour 60ml of water over the grounds to bloom

4. Bloom for 30-40 seconds

5. Continue slow pouring the remaining 440ml of water – this should take you til around the 3 minute mark

6. Let the coffee drip through

7. Your brew should finish around 4:30 mins to 5 mins

8. Remove filter with the grounds in, give the coffee a swirl to aerate before serving

9. Enjoy!

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