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Family Farm

Coffee production has been in the Barbosa family since the early 1900's, now in it's 5th generation the farm is producing some of the best coffee in the world.

Danilo is the current owner and manager; his first harvest was in 1979/1980. His success led him to develop the activity and growth of the explored area, acquirement of new farms and introduction of new harvest technologies.

The farm was passed down from Danilo's great-grandfather, Elias, to his grandfather, Claudio, then to his father, Jairo.

Danilo is now joined by his two sons, Vitor and Sérgio, running 490 hectares of coffee trees!

The whole family have a role at the farm with Danilo's wife, Imaculada, and Vitor's wife, Poliana, also working in the office. This makes it like a second home for the family, where they all share the same dream, supporting and learning from each other!

Vitor Marcelo Q. Barbosa

Owner / Producer

Danilo Barbosa

Owner / Producer

Sérgio Ricardo Barbosa

Owner / Producer

Poliana Pereira

Owner / Producer

Imaculada de Fátima Q. Barbosa

Owner / Producer


Danilo has always shown concern for the environment and has always taken care of nature, today he adds more than 186 hectares of the nature reserve.

The family are constantly learning more on how to preserve the environment and to produce a 100% sustainable coffee.

Our visit (2019)

The Bean team had the pleasure of visiting the Barbosa family in 2019.

They got to experience part of farm life, from harvesting the coffee cherries, to processing the beans and finally cupping and brewing them.

Meeting the team. From left to right: Alex (Roastery Manager), Jon (Managing Director), Imacaluda (Danilo's wife), Danilo (Owner), Vitor (Danilo's son)
Jon sifting the cherries from the leaves and other debris (this isn't as easy as it may seem)
Spreading the coffee cherries out on the raised beds
Inspecting the dried cherries
Cupping and grading the roasted beans
And finally brewing them!

Cup of excellence

In 2021, Vitor participated in the Cup of Excellence Brazil to showcase what the farm, Fazenda Cachoeira, produces.

Cup of Excellence is one of the most prestigious awards in the coffee world.

With great coffee comes great success, DBarbosa Coffee won the competition and they are now ranked number one in Brazil.

Brazil DBarbosa

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