Although being a simple brewer, the AeroPress has a variety of brewing methods that can still produce a top quality coffee. You can find many different recipes at Aeroprecipe, below we will talk through our standard AeroPress Recipe.

For our AeroPress recipe who better to look to than Tim Wendelboe? The founder of the World AeroPress Championships. This recipe is the go-to for Tim and his team at Espresso Bar in Oslo, Norway.

What you need

•14g finely ground coffee (not as fine as espresso but finer than filter)

• 200ml water, 96C in temperature

How it's done

1. Wet the filter paper and attach the filter holder to the brewing chamber

2. Place the AeroPress over a decanter or cup

3. Add in your 14g of ground coffee – we choose to use a light-medium here

4. Pour 200g of water over the coffee into the chamber

5. Stir 3 times in a back to front motion

6. Place the plunger on the AeroPress in order for a vacuum to form and stop the water dripping through

7. Steep for 60 seconds

8. Take the plunger off after the 60 second steep time and stir 3 times in the same motion as before.

n.b it is important to only stir 3 times here, if you stir less it will be under-extracted, stir more and it will be over-extracted.

9. Place the plunger back on top of the AeroPress and push down using your body weight.

10. Enjoy!

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