Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Leah Abdallah

We've put together a list of gift ideas to show that special someone in your life they mean a latte to you... (we'll stop with the puns now - maybe👀)


We'll get straight to the point, nothing says 'I love you' more than a cup of coffee - well to us anyway...

Not sure what flavour profile you're after? Check out our flavour quiz to help you get it spot on!

The OG and staple in all of our coffee shops is our classic Bean Blend, we also have the Bean Blend Pods and Bean Blend Bags available too! It's a versatile blend with the classic coffee flavours everyone loves.

If you're looking for something a little fruitier (it is Valentine's after all), we also have 8 single origins.

Feeling spoilt for choice? We've got bundles and selection boxes so you can cover all bases as well!


If your significant other loves the planet as much as they love you, then getting them a reusable cup may just be the way forward this Valentine's Day! 
Don't forget if they visit our stores regularly, they also get 50p off their drink with a reusable cup!

Chilly’s 2.0 X Bean Reusable Cup

Ditch the single-use cups for our sleek new reusable cup, laser etched with our logo. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, in the office or on a hike, it’s a huge hit with everyone.


Huskee Cups

Made out of a waste product of coffee roasting, these Huskee cups are truly the perfect sustainable gift. They are great as a reusable cup, and also look super cool being used at home without the lid! Versatility? They’ve got it.

3. V60

Are you looking for a gift to upgrade their home brewing kit? A classic one-cup pour over brewer, which creates beautiful coffee, a favourite among our team. It’s super simple to use and perfect for someone that wants to upgrade brewers.

Now we have 2 different options, plastic and ceramic, the ceramic ones are a little bit dearer, but the plastic ones are actually preferred by some of our baristas as they are quicker to heat than the ceramic.

You can get a 01 V60 for just £5.50 or a 02 V60 for £6, the filters are the same price as the brewer too, so for just a little over a tenner you can get a whole new set up!


The best way to brew for many (in our opinion) is a good, old-fashioned batch brewer. There is nothing better than a tried and tested, (almost) hands free way of making a quality brew.

Pop the water in, grind the coffee and pop it in the top with the filter, press the button, pop the toast in, and it's pretty much ready! 

We absolutely LOVE Moccamasters, not only because of the easy brew method but they come in LOADS of different colours, so they are the perfect addition to every kitchen! 


Is your partner already a huge fan of our coffee? GET THEM A SUBSCRIPTION!!! You'll literally be set for life, and they'll never run out of coffee again! 

With our subscriptions you can tailor them to which coffee(s), how much of that coffee, and what frequency you receive the deliveries. You can also change any details at any time, whether you're getting through the coffee too fast or want to try a different origin - you can!

Hopefully, we've been able to help give you some ideas to show your coffee-loving significant other how matcha they mean to you 😘

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