The right temperature for your latte milk!

The right temperature for your latte milk!

Leah Abdallah

Have you ever wondered about the temperature of the milk in your latte? Well, wonder no more because we're going to dive into the world of milk temperature! 

First things first, let's talk about why milk temperature is important. The temperature of the milk can affect the taste and texture of your latte. If the milk is too hot, it can turn sour, scorch the coffee and even give it a burnt taste. On the other hand, if the milk is too cold, it can make the latte taste watery and bland.

So, what is the ideal temperature for milk in a latte? The general consensus is between 60-68°C. This temperature range allows the milk to develop a smooth and creamy texture, while also enhancing the flavour of the coffee, this creates the PERFECT texture for latte art!

Did you also know, different milks need to be heated to different temps to create the best taste? 

All of our shops use whole milk as standard which we heat to 65°C for the perfect latte, when we use skimmed milk, we can heat to a slightly higher temperature of 68°C to give it a fuller flavour. And for those who prefer non-dairy alternatives, like our fave Minor Figures oat, these are similar consistency to whole milk so can be heated between 62-65°C!

We aren't going to tell you you can't have your extra hot coffee though... personal preference plays a big role in determining the ideal milk temperature. It's super important to communicate your preferences to your barista when ordering your latte, so they can make you the perfect brew!

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