Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Leah Abdallah

We’ve curated a list of gifts for this festive season, that ticks off everyone on your list! From an unlucky secret Santa draw to your coffee obsessed father-in-law, we’ve got you covered!



Chilly’s 2.0 X Bean Reusable Cup

Ditch the single-use cups for our sleek new reusable cup, laser etched with our logo. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, in the office or on a hike, it’s a huge hit with everyone.


Are you looking for a gift for someone who is always camping or on the go? AeroPress are great compact brewers for filter coffee, and make minimal mess. There is even a more compact one, AeroPress GO, which packs away down into its own travel cup. Handy right?



Are you looking for gift that’s under £15? Or you just don’t really know your secret Santa draw but you see them in the office kitchen brewing coffee all the time…

Oli’s Blend

Kicking off this category, what better than our festive blend? Chosen by the charity team from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, this coffee is absolutely perfect as a stocking filler, secret Santa, or just to get some festive coffee on the go on Christmas morning. £5 from each bag sold goes directly to Alder Hey too

Single Origin Coffee

GREAT NEWS, all our single origin bags are under £15! So, you can treat that coffee lover in your life to something a little different. If you don’t know what they’re into, check out our simple flavour guide below.

Brazil DBarbosa
Rich, chocolatey, iconic espresso taste

Honduras Norma
Sweet, nutty, caramelly

Honduras Pedro
Syrupy, fragrant, smooth

Rwanda Ubumwe
Stonefruit, well-rounded, floral

Guatemala El Penon
Balanced, vibrant, complex

Kenya Mikari
Sweet, lemony, crisp

Ethiopia Chelichele
Juicy, bright, funky, fruity


Hario V60 Brewers

Why not upgrade someone’s kit with a V60. A classic one-cup pour over brewer, which creates beautiful coffee, a favourite among our team. What does it mean tho? Basically, it’s just V for the shape of the filter and 60 for the angle of the V! It’s super simple to use and perfect for someone that wants to upgrade brewers

Huskee Cups

Made out of a waste product of coffee roasting, these Huskee cups are truly the perfect sustainable gift. They are great as a reusable cup, and also look super cool being used at home without the lid! Versatility? They’ve got it.

Single Origin Hot Chocolates

We also have a full range of drinking chocolate from our lovely mates at Kokoa. From the white choc to 100% cocoa, they make THE BEST hot chocolates (they’re also great for nibbling on)!



You really like this person, huh? Well look no further we’ve only gone and got the perfect line up to upgrade their brewing set up!

Timemore C2 Grinder

It’s a well know fact that buying whole beans keeps your coffee fresher for longer than buying it already ground. The best way to step up your coffee game is to grind your own beans! The Timemore C2 has chonical burrs which grind up the beans quite fast compared to other hand grinders on the market!

Timemore Black Mirror Scales

Our favourite affordable brewing scales, you will find them at our brew bar in Liverpool ONE and Blackfriars, we just LOVE them. They are sleek, easy to use, reliable, and with USBC charging, which mean you don’t need to worry about your batteries running out mid-brew!

We’ll stop talking about Timemore now…

Fellow Stagg Kettle

Also seen on our brew bars, we have the Fellow Stagg kettles! Another favourite which makes consistent brewing great and easier. Temperature controlled so you can brew at whatever temperature you need; it also had a timer feature on it AND you can play snake on it while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew (although it’s called Wormy! on the kettle)

Mahlkönig X54 Home Grinder

This one’s a biggie. The home version of the grinders we use in our stores. If you’re looking to upgrade from hand grinding or need a better grinder for using your home espresso machine, this one is for you.



We also have a few bundles available on the website which you can find here.

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