Introducing Oli's Blend🎄

Introducing Oli's Blend🎄

Leah Abdallah

We absolutely LOVE our partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Charity.

Since the launch of our Special Edition Brazil DBarbosa earlier in the year, we have raised just over £6000 so far by doing what we do best, roasting and selling great coffee…

This Christmas we want to give more back to the charity and the hundreds of young patients that the hospital treats every day.

Choosing the blend

We invited Alder Hey Children’s Charity team down to the roastery on 20th October 2022 for an experience day to learn about coffee. Little did they know that we wanted them to create their very own blend out of our single origin coffees for a festive edition coffee.

The Alder Hey charity team learnt all about roasting and how to use their tasting and smelling senses to find different flavour notes.

At the end of the session everyone came together to select which of the single origin beans would make up the blend, unanimously it was chosen to be a mix of Brazil DBarbosa and Ethiopia Chelichele.

We named the blend, Oli's Blend after the familiar charity mascot, Oli the Oliphant


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