5 Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee This Christmas

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee This Christmas

Leah Abdallah

Whether you are looking to brew just for yourself or try to impress the whole family, this Christmas we've got you covered...


The best way to brew for many (in our opinion) is a good, old-fashioned batch brewer. There is nothing better than a tried and tested, (almost) hands free way of making a quality brew.

Pop the water in, grind the coffee and pop it in the top with the filter, press the button, check the turkey's not burnt and it's ready! 

You can brew coffee for up to 10 cups using this so it really is the best way to make coffee for the whole family at once!

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Are you the only coffee lover in your family? It's okay, we've been there too, this is one of our favourite, and easiest, ways to brew coffee.

AeroPress are great for travelling and are compact enough for you to take with you anywhere. You don't need to pack your fancy kettle, or your scales, just your AeroPress, filters, and good coffee.

Grab the kitchen scales and get your phone out to use the timer! You can find our favourite recipe for the AreoPress here.

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The OG of the home espresso world. If you prefer espresso over filter coffee, then this one is for you! 

It's pretty hard to create an espresso, the same quality as in a coffee shop, at home without spending loads of money on an espresso machine, Moka Pots give it a good go though. They don't have the same pressure as an espresso machine, and you need to grind your coffee much finer but the final coffee will have many of the same qualities as an espresso that you enjoy!

Make sure to check you don't have an induction hob though! The majority of Moka Pots are made out of aluminium so you won't be able to use it, there are stainless steel plates you can get that will make them work though, so you're not out of luck!

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As seen in pretty much every American sitcom kitchen in the 70's and 80's, the Chemex is a long-standing staple in the coffee world!

We are big fans of the Chemex, it's simple in design and use, but looks great on your kitchen counter and produces one of the nicest, clean and crisp cups of coffee you'll taste.

It's pretty versatile too, if you want to brew for just yourself or a few people it is great for sharing.

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Can you have a Christmas without an espresso martini? Probably, but we recommend you have one... or two!

What you need:
- Double Espresso (about 40ml) - you can brew this using a Moka Pot if you don't have an espresso machine!
- 25ml Vodka - we like using vanilla, but plain vodka is also fine
- 25ml Coffee Liqueur - our FAVE is Mr Black's but Kahlua also works perfectly
- 25ml William Fox Vanilla Syrup

You'll also need a cocktail shaker, some ice, a nice glass (ideally a coupe or martini glass) and a strainer!

Put all the ingredients into your shaker, pop some ice in, put the lid on and shake it all up vigorously and then strain it into your glass of choice!

We really love using our Bean Blend or Brazil DBarbosa for espresso martinis too!

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