4 Things You Need To Brew Coffee On The Go!

4 Things You Need To Brew Coffee On The Go!

Leah Abdallah

For most people, coffee isn't an optional part of their day, whether you are backpacking around the world, going on a staycation, commuting, or jet-setting on an all inclusive holiday, coffee is a necessity.

We've compiled a list of our fave coffee essential, whilst travelling.


Think tea bags, but coffee...

Don't be fooled though, these aren't instant coffee bags!

Instant coffee is usually those granules, it is real coffee though! The coffee has been brewed, reduced down, freeze tried and then turned into crystals, similar to gravy granules.

The coffee in our bags is the exact Bean Blend as we would serve in any of our stores, its ground down finely and popped into a compostable bag. 

All you need to do is pour hot water over the bag, give it a stir, wait 3 mins and it's ready to drink - perfect for brewing on the go!


Obviously we love an AeroPress and we think they are pretty portable already but then Aerobie brought out the AeroPress GO and it made life that little bit more compact.

The AeroPress GO! has been designed to provide the same delicious coffee, with the same ease of brewing, as the original, but includes a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying case - handy right!

Perfect for traveling, camping, or taking to work.


Whether you need a reusable cup to take your coffee with you - or if you need a flash for hot water so you can brew on your travels, the Chilly's cup is perfect for both!

The Series 2 range has been systematically engineered to deliver an unprecedented drinking experience, still keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.


There is no fresher way to enjoy coffee than grinding your beans a few moments before you brew.

When you're on the go we recommend a hand grinder (well... you cant exactly lug round your Fellow Ode can you haha)

We have two favourites;

Timemore C2

Hario Bloom Ceramic

Hand grinding your coffee also allows you to appreciate and enjoy the process of making coffee. We are living in a fast paced world and we can concentrate how quickly we can accomplish tasks and we forget to enjoy something. Stop and take the time to smell the freshly ground coffee beans!

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