Our top tips for steaming better milk….

Our top tips for steaming better milk….

Leah Abdallah

You’ve just bought a snazzy new coffee machine for your kitchen, but you’re struggling to get that same glossy milk you get when our baristas make you a coffee? Don’t worry, we’ve got some great tips for you. 

The Basics 

Pour cold milk into your pitcher, we’d say to aim just below the spout.  

 How to steam milk better

Hold the pitcher underneath the steam wand and pop it under the milk. 

 How to steam better milk

Release the steam!  

Holding the pitcher with both hands, use the tip of the steam arm to create a whirlpool. 

Slowly let air into the milk to create the micro foam (small bubbles) layer. The amount of foam you let in determines how much foam you will create. 

So, for lattes and flat whites, aim to only let a little burst of air into the milk. For a cappuccino, you’ll need to let more air in to make a thicker layer of micro foam. 

When the pitcher gets too hot to touch, turn off the steam and remove from the steam arm - be careful not to let the milk get too hot, burning the milk creates unwanted smells and flavours. 

 How to steam better milk

Clean the milk off the steam arm and purge by releasing the steam.

Tap the pitcher on the countertop to release any bigger bubbles, and swirl the milk to smooth out the texture - this is where you can get it super silky! 


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