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With 3 of our most popular and interesting Coffees, this “just roasted” pack is the ideal gift for a Coffee Lover.  The beans from each origin have very different flavour profiles.  Each bag contains 100g, so enough to make around 15 drinks per pack.

Colombia Bruselas

Orange, Floral, Toffee

These Arabica beans are grown in the mountainous region of Bruselas, in south Huila.

This coffee is grown at an altitude between 1500 and 1700 metres; the high altitude means the beans are much denser and richer because of the lack of oxygen. Because of this, the beans grow more slowly and give a much more concentrated flavour. When picked, the beans are washed before being sundried, which gives a smooth and clean taste.

Kenya (NChengo Estate)

Black Grape, Blackcurrant, Sweet Raisin

Nchengo Arabica coffee is grown on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in the central highlands of Kenya. This area is considered the heartland of traditional coffee growing.

The estate is situated in between two rivers, the Ndarugu and the Thiririka.  This location provides excellent irrigation for the farm and keeps humidity higher and well balanced.  The area has a temperate climate with plenty of rainfall. The beans grow in a red volcanic soil, which provides the nutrients for the vibrant and fruity flavour the bean produces.

This coffee is grown at a high altitude, which means the coffee bean becomes denser and richer. This denseness gives the coffee a strong concentrated flavour; notes of sweet black grape with a sharp blackcurrant taste, with a sweet raisin finish. When picked, the beans are fully washed with only fresh river water from the nearby sources and then left to sundry naturally. This process gives this coffee a cleaner and crisper taste.

Ethiopia Sidamo (Mokanisa washing station)

Blueberry, Herbs, Blossom

If you prefer coffee that is vibrant, smooth and sweet then this is the one!

No one is really sure where the first coffee plant was discovered, but it is widely thought to have been in the Sidamo region back in the 11th century. Coffee production is a longstanding tradition in Ethiopia and for millions of people it is their livelihood.

Sidamo coffee beans are grown in the Ethiopian highlands, up to 2200 metres above sea level. This means these beans grow much more slowly and therefore have more time to absorb vital nutrients and develop a more concentrated flavour. These coffee beans are known for their bright, full body and complex taste and richness.

These beans have sweet notes of blueberry, orange blossom and rich berries, which balance out the flavour of floral hints of jasmine. This coffee is hand picked, sorted and fully washed and sundried which means the flavour when you drink it is has a lovely clean character.

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