Our Coffee

At Bean we are genuinely passionate about coffee. We ethically source the highest quality Arabica beans from single estates, often dealing with individual farmers, and we only ever use single origin beans.

Sourcing our beans in this way ensures consistent quality of the highest standard. Furthermore, the coffee in your cup can be traced to a specific crop and its blend is the result of rigorous experimentation with our roaster.

Where possible we use only Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade or Organic varieties. Whilst our coffees will change with the growing seasons, our commitment to quality and traceability will remain constant.

Bean Blend

Tasting notes:  Chocolate, Hazelnut, Balanced.

Our current blend is made up of the following varieties:

Brazil – Fazenda Ouro Verde

Producer:     The Naimeg Family
Coffee:     Pulped Natural Arabica
Region:    The Cerrado, Minas Gerais
Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, vanilla, smooth

India – Bibi Plantation

Producer:     Faiz Moosakutty
Coffee:     Fully Washed Arabica
Region:    Sunticoppa, Karnataka
Tasting notes: Hazelnut, dark chocolate, rich

Nicaragua – Jinotega

Producer:     Aldea Global Co-operative
Coffee:     Fully Washed Arabica
Region:    Jinotega
Tasting notes:  Caramel, red fruit, citrusy


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